What Happens After The White Lotus Season Finale?

4 min readAug 19, 2021

Feeling terrible about what she’s done to Kai, Paula returns to college and gathers a group of like-minded radicals. They take the Mossbacher family hostage and successfully steal tens of millions of dollars from their bank accounts. Fleeing to Hawaii, Paula and her fellow guerrillas bust Kai out of jail and acquire large amounts of war materiel.

Alongside growing numbers of workers and native Hawaiians, Kai, Paula, Lani, Dillon, and Quinn seize The White Lotus Hotel and roast the guests in traditional fire pits. Only a handful of class traitors join the revolutionaries, who go on to establish a revolutionary government for Hawaii called the Union of Hawaiian Workers’ Councils (UHWC). Belinda, having tried and failed to start a spa that is also a worker co-op, joins them.

Armond, it turns out, survived— since the human remains on that airplane belonged to a completely different person. Once he recovers from his injuries, he swears allegiance to the UHWC and becomes their official spokesperson so he can fling shit in the general direction of the United States on Twitter.

Devastated by being taken hostage, Nicole flees to China where she believes she will be safe. Her entire company, however, is seized and nationalized by the Communist Party of China, and she is sent to a de-radicalization program in Xinjiang. Some years later she is spotted at workers’ rallies wearing green fatigues and waving around Mao’s Little Red Book and throwing it at reactionaries. She changes her name to Comrade Wu.

Infuriated by his experience as a hostage at the hands of revolutionaries, Mark joins New York City’s Guardian Angels but is soon guillotined in Central Park as the revolution in Hawaii spreads across the collapsing United States.

Olivia starts a “leftwing” podcast called Red Scare which strangely only interviews fascists like Steve Bannon. She eventually joins her father in Central Park and is guillotined.

Greg spreads coronavirus across Hawaii and Colorado, refuses to wear a mask or get vaccinated, and denounces BLM (Black Lives Matter) before succumbing to disease. His girlfriend Tanya shortly follows him to the grave, although after she is cremated there is no one to spread her ashes anywhere.

Because Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin dies of coronavirus following a maskless brunch with the final president of the United States at the White House, she is replaced by Rachel, who gets the job thanks to Kitty pulling some strings. Rachel spends the next few months denouncing the revolutionaries as being highly uncivil before she too is captured and guillotined alongside her mother-in-law, whose final words, of course, are: “Be happy!” *kthunk*

Rachel’s husband Shane joins the Proud Boys and spends years fighting the revolutionaries and committing war crimes on behalf of the United States Remnant until he is incinerated in a friendly fire drone strike incident. Many revolutionaries celebrate by urinating on his charred remains.

In summation: the Season One finale might have been disappointing, but Season Two is gonna be lit.




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